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Woman Empowerment Photoshoot

On August 26th 2021 I took 33 women onto the runway at Perth Airport for a Woman Empowerment Photoshoot.

This photoshoot was to mark the end of my first year in business and what better way to do it!

In the last year I have heard so many woman be so negative about themselves. They find themselves coming to me in the hope they leave with a new found confidence and so far this has been the case.

The idea behind the shoot was lets teach our daughters to hype each other up, not tear each other down and to also absolutely, wholeheartedly love yourself. 

Those negative thoughts you have about yourself need to stop. Life is too short, far too short. I promise you that when the time comes for you to leave this earth you will not care about what you looked like.

No one thinks the same thing about you, as you think about yourself.

The shoot achieved everything I wanted it to from a business perspective although I am not sure my accountant would agree with the expense!

I have decided I am going to do a yearly group photoshoot so keep your eyes peeled for the up and coming ones!



Female Empowerment photoshoot on an airport runway


The Strength of Women Charity Group Photoshoot 2022

On the 5th of May 2022 we gathered in our lavish dresses at the bottom of Kinnoull Hill and started our climb up to the top where we joined our partners, friends and family to celebrate women.

This was a charity shoot where we raised over £1000 to purchase a defibrillator for a local gym. 

The ladies came to join us from far and wide to not only show their support for me and my business but for the case.

What a sensational shoot for year number 2, stay tuned for year number 3!



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