All my life I’ve been overweight. I made myself a promise that when I lost 10st, I’d do something that pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that it terrified me. I hit that target in December 2021 and by coincidence that week, I saw a video of Robyn’s on TiKTok and decided to take the plunge. I booked my photoshot for the beginning of 2022. I remember pulling up outside Robyn’s and feeling sick with nerves, I wasn’t going to get out of the car. But I did and as soon as Robyn opened the door, I felt instantly at ease. When we went to the studio, I was so self conscious but Robyn and Kelsey were amazing! My hair & make up made me feel fantastic! As I started posing, the nerves kicked back in but Robyn was so patient and supportive. She showed me how to pose and let me settle into what we were doing before encouraging me to push myself. I didn’t want to see my images until the end but did end up looking at the unedited ones on Robyn’s camera and was blown away. By the end of my shoot, I wearing the outfit that I’d brought that I considered to be the most sexy & risky and feeling like a boss!!!

I was terrified to see my images, I was worried that I’d hate myself in them. But I didn’t, I LOVED them!! I’ve never felt more beautiful in my life. I felt myself so much that I actually posted some of them to social media and recently made a TiKTok of a collection of them. I struggled to pick one favourite picture for this post but think I made the right choice….. I’ve been working on myself a lot more this year and I’m booked back in for another shoot in December which I’m so excited about!!


Hi lovely, I wanted to thank you for the session I did with you was it like 8 months ago now? I look at the pictures so often and can’t believe how proud I am of them having never done anything like it before. You have an exceptional eye for angles and Kelsey is just phenomenal at hair and makeup. I want to rebook very soon as things have changed in my life recently and I want to capture the way I feel now  Cannot recommend enough to all you girls who are on the fence….get booked in! Sophie x


I booked in with Robyn and team after stumbling across her on tik tok.
I loved the idea of a boudoir shoot but didn’t have the confidence to do it as I was plus sized 20/22. I hated the way I looked/felt and the thought of being in front of a camera was hell so how could I possibly book this kind of shoot.

I had previously lost a substantial amount of weight in the lead up to my wedding but 4 years later and a daughter I had put that all back on and more. I decided I needed to change my lifestyle for the sake of my own well-being as well as my family . What kind of example was I setting my daughter?

Slowly as the weight started to come off my confidence grew and I felt like the “old me” was coming back. I finally decided to take the plunge and to book the photoshoot for October to mark one year. By the time the photoshoot came around I had lost over 8 stone and gone from size 22 to 12. I felt amazing and loved every minute of the experience.Reflecting back now I realise it doesn’t matter if you are a size 22 or a size 6 we should love ourselves and our bodies. We as women put so much pressure on ourselves.

Robyn and team certainly will make you feel welcome and relaxed so anyone reading this and thinking about booking but not quite sure…DO IT!! I promise you won’t regret it and will only have wished you done it sooner.


My wee boudoir shoot day!!!
I could go down the easy route and tell everyone it’s the best, funnest, most scary thing I’ve ever done and that I was so nervous to meet Robyn and Kelsey (foolishly, as they are both absolutely ace human beings), but that would be far too easy and it’s been heard before.

Doing this shoot was to prove to myself I could and too see the real me. Sounds strange I know!!
I, like so many have majorly struggled with my weight and body image, leading to massive self worth issues for years. Now, I know a lot of people after dieting and getting comfortable in their new body/skin choose to do something like this, but for me, my reasons were different.
See I still at times suffer from body dysmorphia. I have always struggled when looking in a mirror to see my real body. I don’t see what others see, I can only see the negative.

Over the last year and a half I have been working with a coach who has not only helped keep me in shape, but also work on my self worth and limiting belief that I had. He constantly pushes me to challenge myself and take myself out of my wee save zone - get comfortable being uncomfortable!
What better way is there to do that when you have all of the above issues and something to prove to yourself???

Obviously to poss in lingerie in front of 2 people you’ve never met, let one of them make your face up and the other take pics of you!!!! 

I can honestly say doing this photoshoot has helped to reshape the way I look at myself!! When the mirror is ‘lying’ to me and tells me I’m chunky, the images that Robyn has captured of me assure me I’m not, they tell me I look bloody magic

These two girls will never know the difference they have made 


I turned up for my photoshoot with a knot in my tummy, a mix of nerves and excitement, thinking WTF am I doing, who do I think i am?!   I walked away from the photoshoot feeling empowered and more in love with my body that I ever have been, even before I saw any of my photos, that was just from the experience!

My shoot was for me and me only, to celebrate being 40 years young! To celebrate the body that has carried me through so much, yet had always been looked at through my own critical lens as not being good enough. Well, my body is bloody good enough! Its raw, beautiful, and I'm just uniquely me, flawed but fabulous!! I don't know how to describe it, something just clicks when you get in the room with Robyn and Kelsey, an amazing duo / team who clearly LOVE what they do, and you just kind of get swept up in that energy!

They hands down know what they are doing, a great mix of both professional but keeping it real! The whole experience of booking in, turning up, getting yer kit off ...then getting your photos back the same day...10/10!

Robyn captured so many amazing shots... and trust me when I say although I had zero intention of sharing any of them publicly, when I saw them I said share them all  I also said to my friends that I'd happily put them up on a billboard for all to see!! 

If you want to feel totally free in your own skin, and celebrate yourself, hands down... this is the way to do it  


The gym is my thing, my therapy. Only started weight lifting so I didn’t actually kill somebody and then I found boxing …. The last year I’ve been busting my arse trying to learn the art, the mindset and the movements. It’s became really apparent that I have zero confidence in myself or my abilities outwith work. Sob story  sorry!

How I ended up at Robyns : my best mate went for a shoot and I couldn’t have been more proud of her but what caught me the most was the confidence she came back with …. Unreal off the scale stuff! I just thought fxcking YES lass!! Go you!

Then I’m like … I wonder if I can tap into some of that  that confidence. I’m not one for having smoke blown up my arse - it’s not my bag. I’m too matter of fact - don’t bullshit me - but I’m on a journey to find my confidence.

Shoot 1 completed and I’ll be back for shoot 2 in January 2023  thank you for being part of my journey.


I originally heard about Robyn’s Boudoir Photography through my sister-in-law who had been previously for a photoshoot, I was interested in doing a shoot of my own so started following Robyn on social media. She had put a model call out for her woman’s empowerment shoot at Perth airport and I thought why not!? So put my name forward, went along and absolutely LOVED it!! It was soo far out my comfort zone and went on my own, I don’t even know how my anxiety didn’t take over but I’m glad it didn’t. I was soo buzzing from the group shoot I just had to book my own photoshoot and I’m honestly soo glad I did both!

I was less nervous about going as I’d met Robyn and Kelsey at the group shoot beforehand but still was a little nervous at it being all about me! I had a little trouble parking my car so Kelsey came to my rescue (when we say they go above and beyond they really do!) and from then on I felt totally comfortable and knew I’d be fine all my worries/anxiety was left at the door. It was just like I was getting a pamper day all glammed with my friends! Kelsey is AMAZING with her makeup magic I felt incredibly confident and during the actual shoot I felt soo comfortable with Robyn. I’d never had my pictures taken professionally before (with or without clothes) and it just felt empowering! I came away from the shoot feeling like I was on top of the world, I’d never looked at myself in the way these girls made me feel before! It’s been a year since I done my shoot (1st Nov 2021) and I still look back at my pictures and think is that really me?!

I’m still obsessed and I’ve booked back in a year later on the same date and honestly can’t wait as I feel I’m in a completely different place and Robyn’s Boudoir Photography has also changed since then! I’m really excited about it! Would 110% highly recommend to everyone!! Xx


I seen your page all over tiktok and Instagram and i thought omg i love that i wish i could do it.... i followed you on social media seeing all the lovely ladies you post everyday and thought whats stopping me from being like them .... it was my own thought on my body ...but i had a fu*k it moment and booked it while watching erin on a live... i counted down the days was well worth the 2 hr drive there then 2hr back but from the minute i got in i loved it, i got my make up done ive never felt so good in all my life.. not to mention i nearly forgot i was actually there for a photoshoot 😅  then the photos came i was like fu*k 😳  i couldnt believe that was me in the pictures ... i originally got this as a surprise for my partner for our anniversary but its been more of a present for me i still look through my photos 📸  thanks again to you all, i will definitely be booking back in again 💖