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Our Clients Say

The gym is my thing, my therapy. Only started weight lifting so I didn’t actually kill somebody and then I found boxing …. The last year I’ve been busting my arse trying to learn the art, the mindset and the movements. It’s became really apparent that I have zero confidence in myself or my abilities outwith work. Sob story  sorry!How I ended up at Robyns : my best mate went for a shoot and I couldn’t have been more proud of her but what caught me the most was the confidence she came back with …. Unreal off the scale stuff! I just thought fxcking YES lass!! Go you!Then I’m like … I wonder if I can tap into some of that  that confidence. I’m not one for having smoke blown up my arse - it’s not my bag. I’m too matter of fact - don’t bullshit me - but I’m on a journey to find my confidence.Shoot 1 completed and I’ll be back for shoot 2 in January 2023  thank you for being part of my journey.


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