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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We are based in Perth. Just off the Broxden Roundabout.

Do you do Gift Vouchers?

We do! Gift Vouchers can be purchased via the ‘Book Now’ drop down at the top of the screen. 

Do I bring my own outfits?

Yes! 2-3 outfits is more than enough. We have a personalised service where we can help you with choosing your outfits. We have been so impressed with Ann Summers over the last year and can apply our discount at check out so you can receive some money off your garments.

Do I bring shoes?

Only if you want to! Shoes are not essential and we have a few pairs of black heels here if you arrive and decide you wanted to use them.

What kind of outfits do I bring?

Honestly, anything you want. We would encourage you to have a look at our social media posts for inspiration. Partners football shirts are popular and someone even brought a bed sheet to wrap around them before!

Im plus size, is this still suitable for me?

Absolutely! We see ladies of all shapes & sizes. This shouldn’t stop you.

I’d like to do a maternity shoot, when is best?

We’d advise around 28-32 weeks to ensure your bump is nice and rounded for your maternity session.

I have a bad knee/bad shoulder, can I still do a shoot?

Of course, we can change poses to suit you. We always ask these questions on the day of your shoot so do remind us. The shoot can sometimes feel like a bit of a work out so we can allow extra time in between poses to accommodate you.

Can I bring someone along with me to the shoot?

Of course! We would always encourage this if it makes you feel more comfortable. 

What about my dog?

Friendly dogs are more than welcome. We love dogs here, we have 3 resident dogs so the garden is dog proof.

I want to do a shoot but I don’t want anyone to know?

Your secret is safe with us. We will never post images to our social media without permission to do so. Confidentiality is something we feel strongly about.

Do you print the images?

We don’t offer printing services but can point you in the right direction as it is very easy & cheap to do so. Our images are taken in a normal JPG resolution and would be suitable for printing up to 70”, if you require something larger then we can resave them in a higher resolution to meet your needs.

What equipment do you use?

We use a Canon (DSLR) along with warm, cool lights and multiple reflectors. Where possible we also use natural lighting. We use a mixture of editing softwares. We like to think that capturing an aesthetically pleasing image is the first part, editing comes next.

Do you do couple shoots?

Capturing love (and lust) is a pretty amazing experience. We love having couples in front of the camera and offer both Hair & Makeup and Basic Packages for couples.

I am not great with posing?

Do not fear, I am here to show you, guide you, position you through every step. We will have Victoria Secret calling after we are finished your session.

Can I pay my session up?

We have payment plans available. Eligible with Clearpay, Klarna and Paypal Credit.

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