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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you consider special events?

Our category of special events covers anything from birthday parties, baby showers, dinner parties, social gatherings, gigs, opening days right up to weddings. We can photograph pretty much any event you so wish.


Why would you need a professional photographer for these events?

Choosing a photographer allows you to focus on running and enjoying the event yourself instead of worrying about taking photographs yourself. 


How do you know what to photograph?

We would organise a meeting prior to the event to discuss all of your requirements, we will also use our creative minds to offer ideas and capture things you may have forgotten or not thought of.


For business events, would you be able to add our logo onto the images?

Absolutely, if you can provide your logo then we would be more than happy to incorporate these into the photos.


Do you charge for travel?

We will give you a quote and include travel in this should it be required.

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