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You’ve done your Boudoir Photoshoot, now what?!

Some people simply leave their images in their folder to look back on, some will post their images on their social media accounts but what else could you do with them post photoshoot….

The list is endless, today let’s start with the 3 most popular ways to display your Boudoir Images 🤍

1. Create a photobook

Photobooks are a wonderful keepsake, there’s something to be said about flicking through a photobook instead of on your phone. It’s also the perfect gift for your special person. Need help with creating a photobook? We now offer this product.

2. Hang them on your wall

I mean women’s body silhouettes are EVERYWHERE right now, you can buy them on prints, candles, vases in your local supermarket. The purpose of a boudoir photoshoot is to feel empowered right?! Let them loose. Hang them in your bedroom, bathroom, cupboard if you wish - remind yourself of the beauty that you are.

Tip - if you don’t like the idea of your whole body being on display you can zoom in or crop your favourite feature.

3. Calendars

I don’t know about you but I love me an old an old school calendar and we’ve all seen those saucy calendars or maybe had one?! Why not have your own? Another daily reminder of how amazing you are!

How did you display your boudoir images? Let us know in the comments 🙌🏻

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Kristina Mullan
Kristina Mullan
Mar 16, 2023

Made a photo board for my wall - based off a Robyn TikTok that has become one of my mantras

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