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A small reminder

I try to be as transparent as possible, always.

Those of you who have enquired about a Photoshoot will already know that prices increase on March 1st. I'm hoping this also coincides with the new area being ready. If not for then it won't be far away!

I've also been trying out different ways that you can book your session in. Last night we managed to test a system which allows you to add in all the extras you want. Some of you thought it was harder than before and some felt it was much easier.

You have until March 1st to take advantage of the current price and the diary is wide open.

Boudoir packages will increase by £40

Newborn packages will increase by £40

It always feels scary to me when I increase my prices, but have to keep reminding myself that this is year 3 of business. Im now rated one of the top 3 Boudoir Photographers in Scotland and not that we should ever compare ourselves to anyone else....... but other companies are charging £1000+

So let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for allowing me to come this far. Living the dream has never been so true 🤍

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