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After all this time? …. Always

Immediately getting that tattooed on me. Crying into my toast in bed (no judgment please!) at, quite possibly, the sadest scene there ever was.

RIP Alan Rickman.

Anyway....... today we headed to Gifford (yeah my Mondays off are going real well 😂) where we met with Abby and Yasmin for their pre wedding meet up. This was the first time we had met them and they're just such lovely girls. We captured some extremely candid moments (they were not expecting us to bring our cameras. My bad!) and scoped out the venue.

Oh you didn't know we 'do' weddings? We absolutely do. This cold hearted bitch (🙋‍♀️) has actually become quite fond of being amongst love. It's infectious. You can't help come away feeling happy.

Did I wear a dress and was it minus 3 with snow on the ground? Yes. Was that a silly move? Yes. Did I moan? No. Ok a little. Did it feel like we were walking in a winter wonderland watching two people who love each other taking it all in? Yes. Was it all worth it? Absolutely.

It's a true honour to be asked to captured such a special occasion in someone's life, and we can't wait to be a part of it.

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