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An Open Letter To My daughter

To all of our daughters.

After receiving a comment I online about my weight I thought it was best to combat that negativity with preparing my daughter for the world we live in.....

"A letter to my daughter, our daughters

if you’re lucky enough, you’ll have a long life ahead of you.

There will be periods that you’re happy. You might not realise those moments when they’re happening.

There will be Periods where you’re sad, heartbroken, helpless.

You might lose weight, you might gain weight, you might love your body, you might hate your body. Your body might fail you in ways that’ll seem exceptionally unfair. It might create some wonderful magic.

I want you to remember that during your life you will come across comments that are said with the sole intention of hurting your feelings. It is inevitable.

Never ever pay attention to them. Pay as much attention to them as we do the ikea instructions.

You are wiser than I ever was and probably ever will be, and for that I am so proud.

Shine so bright that you can’t even see the darkness.

love, mum (with some beef on)

Ps. We should maybe actually read and follow the the ikea instruction"

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