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Bridal Boudoir

If you've found yourself on my website because someone recommended me on the Blushing Brides forum, then welcome 👋

I've had a few messages today saying that I've been recommended but I searched the forum and can't see where, anywayyyyyy ..... very thankful if I have been! 🥹

I see A LOT of brides to be so thought I'd answer a few common questions

  • When's the best time? I'd say 7 weeks before the wedding is a good time scale if you're doing a photobook. That just allows for the book to be published and sent out.

  • What will I bring? Most girls bring one bridal themed outfit and then 2 other 'normal ones' some also bring something of their partners for that extra special touch.

  • I don't want them online though?! Say no more, 65% of my clients don't allow sharing online. (Could you imagine how varied my feed would be if everyone allowed though 🥺)

  • I don't know how to pose. Bitch please...... I gotchu.

  • Can I bring a friend? Absolutely, the more the merrier. Get public transport and have a tipple 🥂

  • Can I book in advance? Diary is WIDE open

My emails and messages are always open. Happy to answer any questions 🤍

Good luck on your big day!

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