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Caught in the act

Caught 🫢

(These were not my idea!)

(Well not entirely 😏)

Last night I was in Dundee for a 30th party with a twist…… a surprise wedding!

Michelle and Billy have been together 13 years and have a beautiful son, a home and life is good which is why this is the perfect reason for them to get married in front of their nearest and dearest……. Because they wanted to 🥺

I have many a wonderful happy image and video but when michelle said I could share any you KNOW it was these images I was going to share first.

Michelle asked if I could think of any fun ones to do…… I can neither confirm nor deny that the idea for these came from experience 😂

Congratulations to the happy couple and Billy if you’re reading this I won the game of hide and seek. 300 images and you’re in more than half 😎

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