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Dear Briar…

I've been thinking of ways to make my letter extra special to you, scouring etsy and all sorts.

Seems only fitting for me to share it today, International Woman's Day 2023.

Whilst you're reading this, on an electronic device, you're going to be thinking 'why is she mentioning handwriting?' Well I was going to hand write it but I'm also LAZY

"Dear Briar,

Firstly you should know I’m a creative and us creatives don’t give a shit about handwriting so my apologies. If you need a translator just let me know. I probably won’t be able to read it either but I’ll give it a bash.

Secondly you should know I swear a lot, something I’ll try not to do when you’re around.

Your mum will also pretend she doesn’t swear but that’s what I’m here for. To tell you stories of your mum, stories that you’ll never believe are true. I can’t fucking wait for you to hear them.

Your mum won’t like to admit this but she was super anxious whilst you’ve were in her tummy. She was worried something bad was going to happen and you know that your mum always tries to think of the positives in life, so it was a little hard knowing she was worried but I just stayed back and tried not to bring any negativity. Something I can be quite good at.

Your sister is only just coming round to liking me, I suggested to your mum she should maybe get her checked out at the doctors because who the fuck doesn’t like me? Just kidding. As you’re reading this you already know I’m an acquired taste.

I might not be around as much as some of your other mums friends and I might not have the upbeat positive tone in my voice and my kids are older so you don’t have them to play with but I’ll always be there when it’s important. I’ll be there for your birthdays or if you ever need me for anything and even though me and your mum don’t always agree on everything (although we do on most things) there’s no one who loves her more than me.

Your mum is loved by everyone she meets. She’s the kindest Warmest soul. If you took the love that everyone has ever felt for your mum (and that is a shit tonne) it’ll never be close to what she feels for you.

You're so lucky to have the family you do.

I’m so lucky to know your mum.

Can't wait for you to come change the world with me.

Love Robyn x

Ps I know you’re thinking - I want to know what they don’t agree on?

Let me write a small list

The scrunchy she’s no doubt still wearing on her wrist

Just put the fucking teaspoon away

The way she will ask every Aberdeen client if they know such and such

Her obsession with eye prescriptions

I bet she’s still asking me why I’m tired, you’d never think that I run a business, raise 4 kids (2 are fucking special briar!) and soon to be 4 dogs. Can’t possibly think why I’m tired

But the one thing I’m so proud of her for Briar. So fucking proud….. she told me she’s getting rid of her dolly shoes. If you’re reading this and she still has a pair anywhere you have my permission to get up right now and put them in the bin. Good. Well done.

So very beautiful and you're not even in this world yet 🤍

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08 de mar. de 2023

Aww, I love this. So beautifully written. xxxx I’ve been hanging on by a thread determined not to cry all day and now you’ve got me bawling. 🥰

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