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Do you wish you had more confidence?

Due to the success of our current group, we have decided to start another.

Designed to be taken over a year, we are confident that with this group/program you will see your confidence levels grow and learn to love yourself.

Price per month £20 down to £15 for the first 10 people to sign up

What’s involved :

- Be enrolled into a WhatsApp group with Robyn

- Daily communication and weekly checkin’s

- 2 mini shoots throughout the year where we focus on posing and angles.

- 4 meet ups (throughout Scotland) a year with everyone invited

- First dibs on any of the free shoots we do

- Christmas night out

- £75 discount off a full hair and makeup boudoir session (after 6 months)

This group is for ladies who would like some help in building confidence.

Want to join?

Message us for a discount code(first 10), head to the website and sign up!

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