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Feeling hashtag hella blessed

For whatever reason, this week has seen an influx of positivity being thrown my way. Mostly from strangers but also from friends I've not seen in a wee while.

Waking up to DM's that say 'you're doing amazing' 'I'm so proud of you' and website messages from former clients to congratulate me on how well the business is doing and mostly all of them also say that they are enjoying watching it grow.

As I'm so incredibly busy it's very easy to keep going, head in the camera and never taking a moment to stop and truly appreciate what has happened with this small business.

Only today I talked about the period of time when I longed for a bath prop. Getting a bath felt HUGE 'win' for me and now it feels like a distant memory.

Caitlin had a vision for the website, a testimonial section, so had asked on Instagram for people to write a small bit about why they came. I'll be honest, I haven't paid a lot of attention to all of them that came in because they swiftly got dealt with and converted onto the website. However, tonight I've just sat down and read one that came in. A client that's been with us twice now.

It has made me stop. Pause. And then read them all.

An extremely, somewhat, emotional thing to sit down and read them all and realise they're talking about me. The thing I've built (with a lot of help from Kelsey of course) the thing that turns 2 next week. The thing that when I started, believing no one would come.

'If I get 2/3 clients a month I'd be happy'

Those were my words 2 years ago.

ill forever be grateful to the friends who helped me in the beginning. Being my models. In my bedroom. Shoots taking hours. Editing taking hours.

2 years later and we are now seeing 60 girls a month and sometimes I'm not sure why, but the good reviews keep on flooding in.

Grateful and blessed and extremely thankful.

A lovely way to end my Saturday.

Robyn xoxo

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