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Frequently Asked ‘Couples Shoot’ Questions

Hey, hi hello 👋

It's been a damn minute since I graced your inbox with my shite. Miss me?

I get maybe 2/3 phones calls every 2 weeks, from men, asking numerous questions regarding our couples shoot.

Do these questions always feel Innocent? No. Does it feel like some of the calls are enjoying asking the questions a little too much? Yes.

However I'm sure many of you are curious and now when I get these phone calls I can direct them to this blog rather than having to endure, what sometimes feels like, an unsolicited dirty call that I get ZERO out of. I know, Smart 😎

Do I shoot couples?

Absolutely. Straight. Gay. Cis. Trans.

Can we go nude?

The person with female anatomy can. The person with a penis can not. No Matter how you identify.

How far can we go?

There is heavy implication with all imagery I capture however it is a photoshoot to capture poses. Not a photoshoot to capture intimate moments. Will I photograph insertion of any kind? No.

What if one of us gets excited?

Then you think of your granny. It will and does happen but once you've seen one hard on you've seen them all. I don't care and as long as I get whatever shot I want I'm happy. It's not a big deal and quite frankly when someone's eye is looking through their camera that's the last thing they're focusing on.

Can we bring toys?


We don't want our pics posted, is that ok?


If there's any question you have, fire me an email or message and one of us will get back to you because a small reminder to the folks out there messaging all sorts to the inbox..... it's not just me who mans that inbox 😬

I hope this has been helpful to the couples who have genuine curiosity and I hope it helps the folks who had no curiosity read between the lines here and If you're reading this because I've sent you here for information then it was lovely speaking to you and of course I'm not insinuating you're one of these men I'm talking about 👀


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