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General Life Catch Up

This part of the website has been neglected.

In all honesty I've been inundated with bookings, being seen on socials (for a nice change) so it hasn't felt necessary to make myself present here.


I'm less present everywhere else these days. You don't see my face or voice on TikTok, I very rarely pop up on insta. I'm just NEVER on Facebook (really hate that platform) and do you know that some people don't even know my face when they come through the door. Can you believe that?! (I joke)

A business built upon my face and personality and now it's nowhere to be seen.

Let's be honest, my viewers on socials don't want to hear about me or my life. They want to see the beautiful images of the amazing girls (and quite rightly so) but I think it's important to keep myself present. So here I am.

So how's it going? What's been happening? How's life treating you?

Work for me has been as good as I could ask it to be. The new set up starts in 3 weeks and Im already making peace with the fact that once the is done there's nowhere else for me to build on, My brain will have to get used to that.

Have you heard about the new section? Building new arched windows and a library. That's right. A library. I enquired to a library venue in Edinburgh, 2/3k it would have cost me for the day so I genuinely said out loud when I got off the phone 'I can fucking build one for that' so I am.

Kids man. My kids. So much stress. I think it was Friday last week. Caitlin was unexpectedly in and I was just DONE and I started laughing and just said if I don't laugh I'll cry,

My son has to have an MRI because he hears and sees things. He's on the spectrum, have you ever seen a child on the spectrum attempt an MRI? And it was on a fucking Sunday of all days. Way to ruin my Sunday! We of course didn't manage and now all im hearing is the magnets that are going to kill him. Goody for me

My puppy had to have emergency life saving surgery. Guess who didn't have insurance! guess who can't pick up socks and guess who got a sock stuck. Coming away from the vet without a dog is something I don't want to do again. The upside, the ever understanding client who I had to reschedule for a few hours was absolutely shitting herself and I said 'well if I burst out crying I'm sorry, but maybe it'll help your nerves?' And she said 'yeah it probably would'

Me - 'you're welcome 😭😭😭'

Steve is home and I've never been happier to have him bark and lick me.

ok some positives Robyn for fuck sake......

The clients I've had in recently have been 10/10.

I'm seeing a shit tonne of bride to be's so they're always in a good mood!

Other things.. I'm tentatively dipping my toe back into the dating scene. I'm working on my patience levels with the opposite sex. Am I succeeding? Watch this space.

Maybe I'll be updating you all on my upcoming date. Most likely be updating you all with my dog cuddles on the couch 😂

Anyway, because I've been feeling sorry for myself I truly have felt so lucky to be doing what I do.

Last week I had 2 kids off each day, a phone call with the school and a sick dog. I said to Caitlin 'what do normal people do that have normal jobs? I wouldn't be able to go into work today. I'd be a terrible employee' and it's moments like this that make me appreciate my journey so much. So thank you guys!

I'm away to be squashed by the dogs and my youngest because surprise surprise, he's not well. CVS. What a crock of shit it is 😭

Thanks for listening. Feel a bit better now.


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