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How we start…

9/10 we start your shoot with this pose, in this section.

There’s a few reasons for this -

- it’s relatively easy for you to do, so starts the session easy and the aim for that is to get you relaxed as quickly as I can.

- it’s exceptionally flattering, I call it my fail safe. In this pose we can highlight different areas of your body. I love to play with shadows.

- it allows me to have you in an easy pose for me to see what lighting and camera settings are the most flattering for you.

So now you know.

I always advise wearing something that you love yourself in from the front as it’s your chest and legs on show. Black works well to blend in because it’s the skin that then pops out the image but a colourful underwear set works well because a pop of colour (contrast) is always aesthetically pleasing.

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