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I get it

Life can throw us curve balls (sometimes they feel like bowling balls!) and believe me when I say I absolutely understand how it can be.

Unexpected bills. Unexpected appointments. Unexpected illness. Unexpected injury. Unexpected lack of weight loss.

I. Understand.

In 3 years I have had to reschedule people 3 times. 1 time for covid (I was absolutely floored. Thought my time had come) and the two other times were for snow and even then it was a mutual decision from all parties to reschedule (safety first!)

When your booking goes in my diary. Nothing else matters. The MUA is notified straight away and she also puts it in her diary and life revolves around that appointment.

If sports day falls onto your date I miss sports day (like Friday). If a child’s appointment falls onto your date I’ll adjust timings so it’s still doable. If comicon falls onto your date then I’m not going. If school trips fall on your date then I don’t get to help out.

My small business is what pays my bills, and has to come first sometimes. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles when youre self employed and have your own business.

This post is just a little insight and reason why sometimes, it’s a no if you give me short notice and want to reschedule.

Life isn’t easy at times, for us all 🤍


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