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I want a love like this

I’ve had the privelage of having Carmen in front of my camera at Christmas time.

I’ve been aware of her for many years actually. You know that way where you stumble across someone’s insta grid and become somewhat fascinated? Her page over the years has been vibrant, exciting, glamorous, beautiful and im sure some would have called some of her posts unconventional.

I’d like to say we clicked during our shoot but I have a feeling she clicks with everyone she comes into contact with.

Now…..those of you who know me know I don’t do bullshit so believe me when I say it was a real honour to see her today with her amazing partner.

Two beautiful souls together and when you’re in their company you come away wanting a love like they have.

I could use all the cliches in the world, I could use all the pride hashtags (this was for pride month after all) but all I want to say is that I hope one day for happiness and laughter like these two have

P.s If there’s no pizza the next time I see you two 💪🏻

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That's the wonderful thing about your vocation you get to see everything a little bit deeper. You get past the surface so to speak

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