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It always works out

On this day this location was not meant to be our destination.

It had been raining the days prior and as we approached the devils pulpit stairs, with an 8 month pregnant Kelsey, we were met with a hoard of other people, steep slippery makeshift steps and badly packed equipment (hello bag for life)

I climbed down and made the decision we weren’t going to attempt it. My slight disappointment eased with the fact there were approx 40 + tourists there, selfie sticks the lot. Do I really want to have to edit that many people out? (All about the minimal editing)

So we googled waterfalls near us. Read the reviews on the pathway to it. Seems easier than the death trap stairs we just encountered. Let’s try it.

We were met with 3 people on our journey and found a small piece of heaven tucked away.

We had been so excited to go to the famous devils pulpit, but we were always meant to find this paradise.

Myself and my camera fell in the water and I thought I was a goner going to go over the waterfall when I fell in (Why would you do this to me paradise?!) but I lived to tell the tale and we had a wonderful few hours taking in our new favourite place on earth.

The moral of the story? Never be afraid to deviate from your plans. Be brave in your decisions and trust your gut.

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