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Just a girl, asking the reader to…..

Ok before I go any further. This doesn't apply to everyone. So if you've not been for a session with me you can ignore this email notification and there's no need to read any further.

Ok I should have only the people who have been for a shoot now. Everyone here? Good.

........ give me a google review.

Yup. That old chestnut. Some may say it's getting a little desperate. Me. I say that.

HOWEVER, I am learning every week that more and more of my client base is coming purely via google (which means I wait 7 minutes into our session before swearing. If you come from Tik Tok or Instagram then it's 2 minutes. Sometimes every 30 seconds. I digress.....)

I'm also hearing 'I read all your reviews' so it's becoming so fucking clear how important a) the website is and b) what the google reviews are doing. Are they being updated consistently? Are they favourable? (fucking better be) (just kidding) (👀)

So, here I am. Reminding you on a Friday night (because I have no life and this is how I'm spending my Friday. Cuddling dogs and writing this) that if you've been for a shoot I would be so fucking grateful for even a 5 star on google. Obvs I'd enjoy a full detailed glowing review but I'll take anything.

For those of you who haven't been for a shoot and stayed to read, what are you waiting for? Book the shoot!



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