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A mother, a wife, a business owner, wonderful human being. From the outside - she’s doing it all.

I first met her back back in May 2022. I had a few email exchanges with her prior to her booking and cards on the table, with what she was confiding in me … I wasn’t sure she should be doing a shoot.

She had suffered the traumatic early arrival of her beautiful baby girl Sophia in the January. Sophia arrived 7 weeks early and Linzie was then separated from her whilst she was in the NICU, because linzi had tested positive for covid.

5 months later, she stepped through our doors. she brought Sophia and her sister along for her first Boudoir shoot. The images were to be made into a gift for her upcoming wedding. The sister came for moral support, Sophia because she was still breast feeding.

It was obvious that Linzie wasn’t in a good place. My vivid memory of her was the shaking pre shoot during her hair and makeup and it never really leaving during the shoot. She never really allowed herself to relax but she did feel comfortable enough to go naked. So I’d obviously done a good enough job to make her feel at ease.

I was Convinced because of her current mental health that she wasn’t going to enjoy what she saw on our screen. I was extremely, and pleasantly, surprised when she did in fact like some of her images! (WIN!)

Her gift went down a treat for her husband and I thought I’d heard the last of her.

Then not long after, another booking came through for her. Her wedding had been, and she had an image in her head that she wanted me to try and create. An image of her putting on her wedding dress, from behind. She had booked a double shoot with a friend and they were to make a morning of it (🥂)

The Linzie that walked through the doors this time was a completely different person. There was no shaking, she was holding herself differently. She was calmer. Happier. Warmer. She smiled more. She was offering words of encouragement for her friend. It was a genuine joy to see and I made sure to tell her so.

The image we recreated will be up there with one of my fave images ever. When she said I could share it I remember sitting and saying out loud ‘fucking yes!’

The post, received a lot of attention and not only was I proud of the image I captured, but proud of her for overcoming those demons that had such a hard grip on her back in May.

A newspaper did an article on me a few months later and they also used her image, so that has now been seen by A LOT of people. A fact I am A-ok with 😂

I’ve since seen her for a mother daughter shoot and I’m due to see her again at her new salon for business content.

If you’d have asked me, after her first email enquiry, if I thought I’d be seeing her 3-4 more times. I’d probably have bet my dog Nalla (and I don’t do that lightly) that there was not a chance in hell that was going to happen. This is all on her though. The growth, strength and determination is all on her.

An amazing mother of 5. A wife to Scott. A self employed busy business owner. A happy human being who has overcome PTSD. She IS doing it all.

I’m just honoured to be along for the ride 🤍

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Jan 19, 2023

What a lovely wee read, it really is amazing to see so many woman come to you and overcome so many difficult challenges for them. ❤️😍

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