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Living with a Stoma

“my body is

not a museum that vou can tour your way around,

my body is not a monument that you can burn down to the ground.

my body is a church, a celestial and sacred thing-

and if you're not here to worship, then you're not coming in” - S.r.W

I’ve recently had someone in the DM’s asking if I’d had anyone in who had a Stoma. I’ve had quite a few. Some in underwear,

Some clothed. Some in a good place with their new way of life, some still coming to terms with it.

A photoshoot can absolutely help you in reclaiming your body back in some way but it’s so important that you’re on a positive pathway when you do one. If you’re not it can sometimes make you feel worse (at the time)

Why? Well because you get all of your unedited images with me and being confronted with over 200 images of yourself, If you’re not happy with yourself, can be a very fucking hard thing.

So be kind to yourself, take time to process the change your body has gone through and im here when you’re ready.

There’s lots of poses we can do that hides it and of course we can show it off too 🫶🏻

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Stephen Brooks
Stephen Brooks

Fabulous xxxxxx

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