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Marketing Techniques

Well, is Noah going to come along with his boat anytime soon or what?! Rain. So much rain.

This weekend sees me taking some time off with the family (and one of their friends) and we will be headed to comicon (our equivalent of Disneyland!) and I leave the socials in charge of Caitlin. Sometimes it feels like a race to see who can reply to a message first. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I've caught your attention with a click bait title. It's not what you think. Let me explain.....

There are so many marketing techniques out there that are sold on courses to businesses.

Pretend your product is scarce. The scarce factor has people getting fomo and booking.

Be relatable, show vulnerability. Story tell your product. Do videos. Talk to your screen. Reward repeat custom. Word of mouth. Google reviews. Keep excitement up with teaser posts. Tell your own xfactor story. Really listen to clients. Listen with intent, not just to respond. Believe me..... I've been taught them all. Cater the delivery of your product to the person sitting in front of you. Discount of on a product that's only available for a short amount of time. offer same day services. Pay for google spots. Pay for Facebook sponsored posts.

All of these things, of course, can work and you should definitely implement them and they've definitely helped me through the years but it'll be no surprise that I think they're all bullshit.

I think the best form of marketing is......

(Drum roll please)

Be yourself.

Just be yourself. You'll find your perfect client/s that way. If you're having to be taught to 'listen with intent' then I'd suggest you maybe shouldn't be in business.

You don't want everyone as a client.

So with all that being said........ weekend availability is now into April. I've said over the last few months that it goes super fast and that wasn't s marketing technique, I was just being honest.

If you're stuck to only being able to do weekends (completely understandable) then I'd urge you to book in sooner rather than later.

Oh, and happy Friday 🤍

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