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Model Call

🚨 Model Call (picture, not my own. Clearly - it’s a cartoon)

💫 FAIRYTALE 💫 (but being me….. with an underwear Inspired dark twist 👹)

When? Sunday May 7th at 11 am.

Where? Perth


- Red Riding Hood (female wolf and Red)

- 3 little pigs (female wolf and female pigs)

- Sleeping beauty

- Snow White

- Hansel and (Female) Gretal

You’ll need to

- provide your own outfit and come in full, camera ready, hair and makeup

- be ok with all images/videos being put on social media unedited

- be able to take instructions with a small amount of acting

- be ok with being in a group chat with other participants

If you’ve asked to be a part of a shoot before and not turned up then you won’t be considered for this one.

To be involved simply Dm me with who you’d be.

Let’s create some of our fairytales 😈

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