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Model call


Why you using that as your picture? WELLLETMETELLYOU……

We are going to a strip club 💴 💃

@privateeyesdundee2022 is very kindly allowing me to go on July 1st at 8.30/45 to take some images and also bring some of my own gals so we can recreate some GTA stripper vibes 😎

It goes without saying, you’ll have to be in underwear and be ok with me posting unedited film footage and images.

I’m looking for 6 girls. Maybe more. Maybe less. I don’t actually know but I’m looking for some That’s for sure.

Any newbies applying that hasn’t stepped in front of my camera before (would love to have you Involved!) will be asked to come my studio for a quick underwear pic before July 1st

I’ll only be answering via insta dm (because it’s manned by more than just me) so hit me up 😜

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