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August 30th

Perth concert hall

Model call for promotional video titled

‘Your words will not define me’

To participate, simply hit the link in the bio and make a £35 donation to our woman’s aid go fund me. Once you’ve done that, send me a message to give consent to be added into the WhatsApp group chat.

I’d like some kids too 🫶🏻

If you haven’t heard what this is all about, there’s a video on here and Facebook. Have a look for it.

You’ll need to a day off. Have words written on you (bonus points if they mean something) Be in underwear. Take direction. Be comfortable being in front of the camera being filmed by males (we hire a videographer) and being comfortable with this being seen by, hopefully, a lot of people.

I’m going to lay this out completely bare for you…

These cost me money and I don’t care about being out of pocket because I feel so strongly about the message so if you want to join me I’d love you to and if you shit it and back out then at least woman’s aid will still benefit. It’s a win for everyone.

If you’ve not seen the previous years then check them out on YouTube but I’ll post them over the next week also.

Questions that will be asked

Do you have to have hair and makeup done? I don’t care.

What kind of underwear? Casual. Think Calvin kleins.

What time will it start? To be confirmed.

What shoes? None.

Do I have to be in underwear? Yes.

Do I have to have words written on me? Yes.

Can I join the group and make my donation later? No.

Do I have to join the WhatsApp group? no

Can I make a donation without participating? Of course

can I have more information? Bitch please, how much more info can I give.

I can’t bring this vision to life without some of you and your kids. I’d like this one to be quite special 🤍

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