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Due to the overwhelming love a positivity for the image of Bucky and Harri, I’ve decided to offer it as a service.

I’ve just thrown it on the website so will update it fully tomorrow but much like all of our services, you’ll receive all of your unedited images and can utilise your studio time as you please so once we’ve ‘got the shot’ we can take individual portraits.

This will be suitable for all ages, as long as they can sit and take some instructions.

Again, like our other packages - you could bring 2/3 family members if you wanted, as long as you’re aware it’s a 30 min session.

There’s a new section in the making also (gold chandelier, white and gold marble tile on floor and wall and a glass and gold swinging chair) which I also think will look Damn good for a different aesthetic/burlesque vibe. Perhaps a white dress, fur shawl, white satin gloves? Oh I can just picture it now 😍

Obviously dogs are my absolute favourite thing (apart from women in underwear) so this one is available to be shot by Caitlin or myself 📷

Makeup addition is also doable, that just requires a bit of time logistics and the garden is dog friendly so they can hang around whilst that happens 🐶

As always I’m here for any questions 🤍

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