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Not all disabilities are visible


Second time this gorgeous girl has been in front of my camera. For two very different reasons. 1st one was a wedding present and this one is to take part in the series of unedited images I wanted to do.

When I last met her she didn’t go into the depth of just how much she’s been through and she retells her journey with a warm aura that makes sure the listener is comfortable with what she’s saying. She has a positive personality that shines through but she’d definitely be forgiven for being less positive given her history.

Her story below


I was born with a condition that only affects one in 40,000 girls called cloacal malformation. It's when the bladder, bowel, and uterus are all connected, and there is only one passage way. I have had around 70 surgeries where they have tried to correct/reconstruct this issue. When I was around 8, I got my catheter. Since then, I have also got nerve damage from the number of surgeries and a few that went wrong. Because of this chronic pain, I have issues with my mobility, which I now have a disabled parking badge to help with my daily life. Because I am young, and I don't look to have a disability on the surface, people are confrontational and rude on a daily basis because I park in a disabled bay. I want to raise awareness for hidden disabilities. I want people to realise that just because people are young does not mean they can't be disabled. Every disability is different, and just because it isn't visible doesn't mean it isn't there.

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