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Some images you've missed over the last 48 hours on our socials.

Did you know that once upon a time (waaaaaaay at the beginning) I received multiple messages from people saying I shouldn't share babies on the same platform As ladies in underwear. I was new to the photography world so did as they were saying and made a separate account.

The boudoir Account numbers grew quickly, the family account didn't and it was only

Until a lady said "share my daughter on your boudoir account, I want the most people to see her" (she was gorgeous and the photos were adorable) and when someone commented on a baby post "excellent lightly, Great composition" - that it all clicked.

Photography is photography. I understood what people were saying but I was trying to break down those barriers that women in underwear is a taboo subject, shouldn't be seen in normal day to day life. Nonsense!

So I merged the accounts, deleted the family one and the rest is history 🫶🏻

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