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Hey 👋

I've sat on this wondering if I should even make an announcement but I know there are people out there thinking about booking a shoot and wouldn't want them to miss out on the current prices.

Short version...... prices will increase in January. This will be for all packages (including families)

Next week sees another section being officially opened with a water feature in the making also, meaning there will be even more options for your boudoir experience (the water feature will be an additional cost due to the set up and set down time it'll take) and 3 years since I started I am still one of the cheapest boudoir photographers there is along with being the top rated on google. The math ain't mathing at times.

I'll never be the £1000+ that some charge, so let me make that clear.

This is your sign that if you're thinking of booking you can secure it at the current price for future diary dates and there won't be anything extra to pay.

Returning clients, your codes will then give you £75 and £50 discount for future shoots (not including the water feature)

I will also be seeing less clients (this blog is full of bad news isn't it?!) with my diary days and times adjusted to accommodate for the ever hectic and stressful family responsibilities (I am a single mum doing it all) which means if there's a date you're thinking of it'll be even more important to get it secured in the diary.

For 3 years ive barely said the word no, but I hope some of you understand that when you're a single mum of 4 kids (and 4 furry kids) that word 'no' isn't a bad thing, it's a healthy thing

Let me also take this time to thank everyone that's walked through the door so far 🫶🏻

Robyn x

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