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The oh so beautiful Rory.

She travelled from Aberdeen to participate in this unedited series and I’m so grateful that she did.

A truly unique person, in so many ways.

Read her story in her own words


That's not a problem

I have something called pectum deformity of the chest wall cavity. Pectus excavatum is a condition where the chest appears sunken or concave. The Ravitch procedure is a surgical technique used to correct this deformity. It involves making incisions in the chest wall, accessing the sternum and ribs, and reshaping the chest wall by removing the cartilage and tissue. The sternum is then supported in the corrected position by a metal bar or plate, and the incisions are closed.

Reasons for considering the procedure include cosmetic concerns, functional difficulties (such as respiratory or cardiac symptoms), psychological impact, or failure of non-surgical treatments. The surgery aims to improve the appearance of the chest, alleviate functional difficulties, and address psychological distress.

I had first noticed an abnormality around 10 years old and it grew very quickly until it almost had the appearance of a small clenched fist. I had to wait until I was 15 to get the surgery and there is a high chance I will need corrective surgery in the future. This has held me back massively. Prior to the operation I used to do competitive diving and swimming but since have lost a lot of the ability I once had and not just with swimming but in many areas of life. I now need to be so careful I don't cause my chest any damage.

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