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Started from the bedroom, now we here

Started from the bedroom now we’re here..

2 whole years of Robyns Boudoir photography, who would’ve thought it!

Back in October 2020 where Robyn started her venture as a boudoir photographer from her attic bedroom to now being Scotlands top rated boudoir photographer. What on earth?! A proud pinch me moment.

We have seen a global pandemic, 2 lockdowns and a whole load of different hurdles along the way. Many small businesses have come and gone, which makes us even more grateful for your continued support.

All thanks to our very own Disney Princess Kelsey the business grew, not only allowing us to offer Hair & Makeup Packages but also offering support and wise words to both Robyn and our clients. She is truly one of a kind!

2022 has seen us expand in more ways than one. Strength of a Woman, our 2022 Group Photoshoot was a huge success! Our set ups have flourished and we now have 3 units (and talks of a new one coming soon… 😉), we have our bath section which has been a HIT and most recently we opened our House of Goddesses section. As the boudoir photography is taking off, Robyn has been busier than ever which has meant we have had to bring on a new team member to help with family photography and admin.

Caitlin has been working behind the scenes to manage the social media and day to day running of the business. Our Kelsey is expecting a baby in Spring of 2023 and we will be employing a new MUA to cover her maternity leave. Exciting times ahead!

From the bottom of our hearts a massive thank you to all of our clients and non stop cheerleaders, without you this would not have been possible.

Here’s to a busy couple of months ahead, 2023 we hope you are as successful.

With Love

Robyn, Kelsey & Caitlin x

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