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Sunday Service


My Instagram story feed is filled with variety and there seems to be two types of Sundays -

  • The one where you're preparing for the week ahead, being productive, getting life in order.


  • The one where you do nothing. Spend the final day of the week resting. Relaxing.

One is not better than the other and everyone benefits differently from different activities. You must never judge someone on how they spend their time and energy.

Which got me thinking...... Is it ever ok to judge someone? (The answer I came up with may surprise you)

The answer is yes.

If you are a person who participates in toxic behaviours (such as bitching, gossiping, actively being a cunt) but give the perception of being something completely different, you deserve all of the judgment and karma that is coming your way.

I'm sure when reading that, you can instantly think of someone who fits that criteria.

I'd like to stress the 'importance of being idle'

This can apply to so many situations but let me apply it to the above.

If you're reading and thinking 'is that me?' Then perhaps apply the mantra of 'the importance of being Idle' just be idle. Don't participate in such behaviours. Simple?

If you're reading and thinking I wish these cunts didn't bother me then perhaps apply the mantra of 'the importance of being idle. Just be idle. Those cunts, mean so little. Don't even give it any energy. Simple.

Is this website the next thing that's going to be censored for using the C word. Who knows. Stay tuned to find out.

To summarise.

Don't be a Cunt.

Don't pay attention to said Cunts.

You're welcome.



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