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Unedited | unapologetic

Unedited | unapologetic

Recently I made a video asking if anyone would be willing to participate in a series where I don’t edited anything out.

I asked if anyone with scars, or bodily issues that the media have had us believe we should to be ashamed of.

First up yesterday was the gorgeous Laura, from north Lanarkshire.

She had various reasons for wanting to participate, which you can read below.

All I could focus on was her fresh face, beautiful smile and warm personality.

'3 kids (25, 23 1/2 and 20) plus 2 miscarriages. Started off a tiny size 6, 8stone 19 year old and had an 8lb 14oz boy, back to shape straight away and out of hospital in size 8 jeans that were falling off me. My girls were 8lb 7oz and 8lb 12oz, I put on 4 stone with my 3rd and was wearing size 20-22 jogging bottoms that I actually found a pic of last week lol. I only lost 2 stone of the weight and felt massive at my 30th birthday when I was actually only 10st and looking back at pics now it makes me feel sick how thin I was. I’ve had the stretch marks mostly from the 3rd pregnancy but the flabby bit got worse when I put on a lot of weight due to a really bad flair up of fibromyalgia where the pain was so severe I could barely walk for months. My mental health and my anxiety got hold of me and pulled me down and I gave up on everything so a mix of all of that plus all the different medications had me piling on the weight. I was just under 15stone in October last year when I decided I needed to take full control back of my life and I’m sitting about 12st 9 now. I’m happy in my skin, I would love to be smaller but I’ll always have that tummy and those stretch marks regardless of weight, I just knew I needed to do something about it for the sake of my health'

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