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Unedited | unapologetic | beautiful

Unedited | unapologetic | Beautiful

Lauren came to us yesterday for a #family #photoshoot

She travelled from Glasgow and had her beautiful #son a mere 5 months ago.

When she booked in for her family session she messaged to say that she would be up for showing her #mumbod off unedited

She won’t mind me saying that she confessed that she wasn’t sure her story was as ‘bad’ as the others.

It’s so important for real/all bodies to be see and represented online (even better when it’s unedited) because there are so many women who will be sitting with their phone in their hand and having an active dislike for their body that has carried a human being and i know it’s so easy for me to say this but it’s just so unnecessary and we need to be so much nicer to ourselves.

Im guessing that same woman has already completed 5 tasks, whilst multitasking 7 things at once and still finding time to dislike herself.

In this image all I’m looking at is her beautiful smile and in person her beautiful personality.

So please, today, smile back at yourself in the mirror and be less hard on yourself 🤍

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