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I knew that our black bag, Group Photoshoot would receive some 'drama', infact I was somewhat banking on it given that was the whole point I was trying to prove (that message being 'it doesn't matter what you wear, you'll still be judged') however I didn't expect it to receive the insane amount of hatred that it did.

This YouTube video explains it all and watching it will also help my wee business ....

For any of you who were unlucky enough to tune into the Tik Tok live (along with the other 2000 folks) you would have witnessed the awful comments that were being typed.

In fact, as I sit and type this blog one of the girls has received comments, public comments, on one of her posts. Just awful.

I'm struggling to explain the sheer anger that has boiled over and actually ruined the last 24 hours for me (and it wasn't even directed at me, so imagine how the girls feel!) I couldn't sleep, kept on replaying the vicious hurtful things that were typed.

What was meant to be a gentle exercise of 'wear what you want girls, it doesn't matter if you're in underwear or black bags' has turned into something much bigger and certainly something much more important.

The radio station that was covering the Groupshoot also changed their narrative and seemed to make it a vendetta against Victoria Secret (just bizarre!) when Victoria Secret was simply the meeting point. They have now since apologised and removed their video on Twitter so that's at least something.

If I'm completely honest...... I don't know what to do from here. I want to do something, you know me. I'm a dog with a bone when it comes to something I believe in.

This online, vicious, hatred needs to stop. I know it's been said for years now. I know there are campaigns out there but I don't know how best to illustrate my thoughts and feelings about it, Especially when it comes to women (my women!)

I'm at a loss, Suggestions are most welcome.

Change is needed.

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Kristina Mullan
Kristina Mullan
10 de jan. de 2023

I’ve always liked the transition videos, where people have the hateful comments written on their skin for the first image, then they wear whatever makes them feel powerful in the second image. Make a collage of as many as possible, or do group shots, then get it put up on a billboard in George Square and stage a protest.

Robyn Mackay
Robyn Mackay
10 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

Second this we could buy crowns and have us wearing what we find empowering with our crowns

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